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  • Hi there, welcome to my house. I mean my website.Please step inside; feel at home.Feel free to tour around,read something about my books, and comments people have made about them.You will also find something about my teaching and my present writings. Love and inner calm to all of you.

  • I am a poet and author from Calcutta, India who elopes with travel, honeymoons with fractured sunsets, sleeps with dusk but is married to words. Many of my poems have been published in literary journals at home and abroad.I love attending literary conferences, and have attended several of them, including World Congress of Poets. My poems have fetched me an Honorary D. Litt., from World Academy of Arts and Culture, California.I have taught English in two schools but now teach in my own centre, Education Ahead. Churning out stories is what I love from the bottom of the heart and all other things I love from the surface of my heart.

  • I run a publishing house, called Whatabook. We are very selective in what we publish and are finicky in what we choose to publish. We also run Whatabook Tutorial, a Vlog, where we teach English for the benefit of students. Whatabook has advisors. Tim Tomlinson is from New York, who....Liz Packer is from Adelaide, Australia....Bhavna Khemlani is from Bangkok.....

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    Walk to Lose Weight


  • Love In Transit


    Love and Life in a Changing City


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The Indian Crow ...the untold story of the common man: Satire on the economic and social divisions of India

Paperback – December 18, 2017

In a crumbling one room house, a young man bends over the light of an oil lamp, writing out a Republic Day speech the government has chosen him to deliver to the vast gathering in the Calcutta Maidan. But he is running out of time. And he must hurry before the country will put him into trial. Will his words become a hate speech? Or envelop his countrymen with patriotic fervour? He has no answer to the question. However, whispers have already started making rounds of the Muslim, Hindu and Christian blood screaming in his veins which he has hidden from the people. And the story he will read out of his life will justify his religion. Written in a chatty style, this novel hits the satirical strings of the reader’s heart, stripping naked.

A Stranger Lurks in My Brain

Paperback – 2016

This collection of poems unearths the various selves which lie deep within us whom we are strangers to. And by the time we have discovered and understood one, another stranger starts to stir awake in our brain.

The Poet Pundit Speaks

Paperback – 2017

When nothing works, we turn to our mind, the tiny thought within speaking in simple words. Fundamental philosophy in poetry form draws us and we suddenly find our sanity back in our character. This is the swag the poems here give you back. From the window of a pavement prostitute, to travel, and then to the voice within you about Sufi kind of seeking. From elegy to judgement on rape victims. All packed here for guiding you to return to your values.

LOVE in BROKEN HEARTS: A love story to make you fall in love again

Kindle Edition

In this is Young Adult story of romance, the lovers’ love, loss and pain marks their journey over love’s rough terrain. The lovers belong to two different countries but their dedication and passion defies geographical barriers.


and how I escaped: A true story

The story highlights the dauntlessness and unyielding courage of an eleven year old girl kidnapped from a railway station. This thriller-suspense literary fiction is based on a true story where this girl and other kidnapped children became victims of sadism, rape and murder. The book finally celebrates the girl’s stoicism. It lifts the female status into girl power. If this little girl can break shackles of sadistic pleasures of mad-men and mad-women, any woman on earth can do so too.

Love Story of Bruce & Rachnee

Paperback – February 17, 2015

When Bruce a teacher and Rachnee, a student fall in love, their repeated dreams but with a common connection drive them to search further for their own destiny. This quest takes them to a bizarre world of youths committing suicide to protest against unemployment, a woman in an orange sari occasionally flitting past and an eccentric man luring young men and women with easy money against immoral activities. But where does Rachnee go in the middle of the night? And what propels Bruce to make a trip to the Ancient City and who does he see appearing and disappearing? and does Bruce and Rachnee's identity shock each other? Written in lucid prose, Bob D'Costa's unconventional language reveals the under current of a grim atmosphere in the story, gripping the reader from the first page and makimg this debut novel a masterpiece in its own right.

Walk to Lose Weight and get Inner Peace

Kindle Edition

Do you want to lose weight and get inner peace? Walk to Lose Weight and get Inner Peace will show you that walking is the most convenient form of exercise. Walking is natural and primal and there are no surprising secrets to it. When you walk, you are actually throwing away the toxins from your body. You walk and your entire body and mind moves. If you pay attention to the movements, the way your steps touch the ground, the way your blood slowly moves inside your body, your mind is activated and you enjoy what you are doing at that point of time. So your walk becomes your meditation, and this increases your confidence level for that day. In simple words, you enjoy the walk.

Love In Transit, A Paranormal Romance

Kindle Edition

When the lovers, Bruce and Rachnee, commit suicide, their souls thirst to live the life that was snatched away from them. And this, they realize, is possible only if they enter into the bodies of mortals. Looking about, Bruce enters Jack’s body and Rachnee, the body of the statuette called Jill, on Jack’s study table. But in a parallel universe Jill does exist and all that Jack writes in his laptop, Jill experiences them and Bruce and Rachnee’s souls live their life.



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Welcome to my world of writing

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